Sleep Defender® 2X For Box Spring
Double the Durability. Double the Protection
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Receive the strength and protection you need!


The power of two really comes through with the Sleep Defender® 2X box spring encasement. The unique, double-ply, layered non-woven material adds strength and durability far superior to other box spring encasements. Featuring our high tech, spun-bound polypropylene substrate, the 2X offers superior filtration while providing long lasting protection against bed bugs, stains, dust mites and other allergens.


If you are looking for the utmost durable box spring encasement, the Sleep Defender VINYL® 6G provides the untimate impermeable layer of protection and will prolong the life of your box spring.  The tear-resistant construction is made from an electronically sealed, heavyweight, 6-gauge vinyl that offers superior strength and lasts five times llonger than cloth and lower gauge vinyl products.  This affordable encasement has a brushed silk finish that is fire retardant and can easily be wiped clean when needed.  The Sleep Defender VINYL® is scientifically tested to provide complete waterproof, mold,dust mite, mildew and anti-allergen protection.


Proudly made in the USA.