Our Commitment


A Company with Accountability

Many of our inventions have been initiated from listening to your feedback and understanding the challenges you face. As a result, we have grown our company, expanded our product line, and have been recognized as pioneers in an ever-changing market place.

WE LISTEN To Our Customers. WE RESPOND To Market Needs. And WE DELIVER SOLUTIONS THAT WORK. Maintaining that pledge has led CKI to become the preferred supplier to some of the best-known international brands. We enjoy strong relationships with customers such as Best Western, the largest hotel chain in the world, to Rosewood Properties and Resorts and the Leading Hotels of the World. Yet, every day we also work just as hard in supplying our quality products to individual hotels and bed & breakfasts.


Made in the USA

While most companies are outsourcing their manufacturing overseas, CKI is committed to having the products we produce manufactured in the USA. We have developed long-term partnerships with factories that offer us superior products at affordable prices. And we know we can depend on them. Having products manufactured in the USA allows control of the quality you receive, and the ability to immediately rectify a problem should anything ever go wrong.


Customized to your specification, and made in the USA also allows us to provide the right solution for you. If you have a special need or an irregular mattress size, a unique bed making issue, let us work out the best design to meet your requirements.


For the two products that do come from other countries, we insist on the highest level of quality. We will not work with any manufacturer that does not guarantee the product's quality 100%. Every product sold by CKI has the industry's best warranty. We built our company by earning your business. We will never lose it because our products did not live up to your expectations.


Green Pledge

Innovation has become a great strength of our company, and as CKI continues to provide new and meaningful products, we continue to look for ways to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability. We are employing our innovation to reduce our packaging, develop new products utilizing reusable and recycled materials, and building “green partnerships’ with future suppliers and customers.


Statement from the CEO

I am very confident in CKI’s business model and strategy.  By investing in our customers' success, we are ensuring our own.  It is the insights of our customers and associates, which, in turn, have helped us to create new and outstanding products, and I am truly grateful for their ongoing confidence in our ability to serve their needs.


– Sam Montross, CEO, Inventor